Handstands strength is extremely specific. Just because you go to the gym, doesn't mean your shoulders are appropriately conditioned for this incredibly difficult exercise. Sublime Shoulders is where you will pick up the best strengthening exercises to progress your handstands.

Hamstring flexibility is not necessary to succeed with handstands, but, it makes things significantly easier. Higher levels of mobility will make your handstands more efficient and reduce putting extra stress through other joints i.e. your wrists

Hi, I’m Georgina

I am a Physiotherapist with a special interest in circus artists.

I have been working in the circus industry since 2015 and I am here to share my best tips, tricks and techniques with you to help YOU keep strong, healthy and doing what we love!

Why do I need hip strength and flexibility?

Being able to stack your hips higher above your wrists, means you are able to utilise your strength and control, as opposed to having to hop into a handstand. If we can help to reduce momentum, we can reduce the guess work of your handstand.

Not only that but you need super strong hip flexors to help hold your hips and fight gravity which will be trying to pull you down.

Do I need strong shoulders or mobile shoulders or both?


Although it is entirely possible to do a handstand without the wrists, shoulders and hips stacked, the stacking of our joints is the safest and most efficient way to transfer forces. If you don't have enough flexibility in your shoulders for an effective handstand, you aren't going to be able to optimise your position.

What could my progress look like?

Is 2024 when you want to nail your handstands?

Look no further. Check out this 8 month progress!

Handstands take more time and dedication than any other discipline, it is not a quick journey.

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