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What does it consist of?

In this 6 course you will find over 30 different exercises specifically tailored to improving your circus shoulders.

In aerialists, we know that our most easily injured move is that involving our twisty grip/flamenco grip, so, Fizzy Lemon undertook vigorous research to find you the best exercises to strengthen up your muscles in these areas.

Working on strength, mobility, proprioception and endurance, you will find this course challenges your shoulders to new limits!

Katey's review

For me, it is essential I keep my shoulders in prime condition so I can keep doing what I love. This programme was amazing as helped me understand where my limitations were and which muscle groups were holding me back from progressing further.

I recommend this programme to anyone who wants to level up their shoulder game/ prevent injury or come up with new ideas for classes!

The magic you are looking for, is in the work you are avoiding

Which circus artists is it suitable for?

If you're a circus artist, the likelihood is you use your arms on a regular basis. So, whether you juggle/dance/spin/hang or fly, this programme is for you!

Strengthening isn't just about strengthening. As circus artists, we take our bodies to the extreme! This programmes pushes you to your limits to improve your shoulder endurance, proprioception, mobility and strength!

This programme is sectioned into 4 main components to help you learn where your limitations lie and which areas you need to work on to push yourself to your new limits.