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Who is Jennie G?

Having also won YFF instructor category in 2022, this queen stepped it up a year and is now the current 2023 semi-pro winner of Pole Theatre Classique!

Jen became addicted to learning and improving her heels technique several years ago, before developing a passion for teaching others.

Her famous red light heels choreo classes run fortnightly alongside Heels technique 101.

What makes this course different?

This course is specifically designed to improve your heels technique, maximising the aesthetics of your dancing by focussing on strengthening your ankles, conditioning drills to promote progression and understanding muscle engagement to enable fluidity. This course is everything you need to know about understanding the basics of dancing safely in heels, whilst exploring your own style of sexy.

"Dance like nobody is watching and above all, dance to fall in love with yourself"

Pole Theatre 2023 Semi-Pro Winner

This piece signified so much growth. I enter competitions to choreograph and create routines that show a different side of me. I just love to dance and I was so grateful to make the final.

Exotic Generation 2022

"Don't let people discourage you. Just fluff out your tutu and dance away"

It really doesn't matter what level you are, how long you've been poling, if you can iron X or not, if you get into comps or not, if you feel others are progressing faster ... just stick your heels on and shake your booty queen! For you!


Once purchased, this course is non-refundable.

By purchasing this programme you confirm that you are not pregnant and do not have any conditions that reduce your ability to perform exercise (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, musculoskeletal problems or injuries). If you do, this programme may not be suitable for you - talk with your health care professional first if you are not sure! This is an unsupervised online training programme! You are responsible for exercising within your limits and, as far as legally possible, you assume all risks of taking part.